Optical Character Recognition
Taking Business Process Automation to the Next Level
With Forrester predicting that business process automation can cut operating costs by up to 90%, it has moved from being a luxury to a necessity. With the advent of AI, machine learning, and smart analytics, business automation is moving out of the backroom into the front office.
Data Analytics made Easy
Data Analytics made Easy
Many business processes require hardcopy documents or scanned official forms to be provided by customers to apply for a loan or to make an insurance claim or perhaps to prepare their taxes. These artifacts come in all shapes and sizes and have different levels of importance or relationships to other items. Often, these artifacts need to be authenticated or verified. Finally, these artifacts need to be packaged into a final organized format with content extracted to internal applications to complete the process. This is a very manually intensive process.

By combining the OCR server with AI and smart analytics, this entire business process can be automated. By scanning the original documents into a data set for processing, the OCR server can identify and organize documents, authenticate, and extract the data into internal applications for processing. Skilled workers can then focus on making better business decisions as opposed to sorting endless documents.

BlackStone eIT is offering an end-to-end process automation solution. Our AI, smart analytics, and process automation experts can customize our OCR server solution for any specific enterprise needs.
Video Feed Text Recognition
The BlackStone OCR Server is part of the video analytics platform that includes object and facial recognition. These services together provide complete visual situational awareness for our AI and smart analytics platforms. While the OCR server is very useful as a standalone tool, it is much more powerful as part of the suite of tools to provide contextual text awareness to support smart workflows.\

As video analytics, smart Analytics, and AI experts, we can help customize our offering to meet your organizational needs. We have industry specific chatbot, robotic, satellite telemetry, and AI solutions that provide a foundation for customization providing quick results.

Offering text recognition for video streams in Arabic and 30 other languages.
Video Feed Text Recognition
Text Recognition Advantages
Increased Contextual  Awareness
Increased Contextual Awareness
Determine appropriate language to be used or location of video by text recognition clues
Contextual Text  Extraction
Contextual Text Extraction
Extract appropriate text from required documentation or ID to automatically complete complex workflows such as applications
Fraud Detection
Fraud Detection
Confirm authenticity of documents and writing in comparison to other authenticated examples
Identify Inappropriate  Content
Identify Inappropriate Content
Proactively identify inappropriate or harmful content and keep our community safe
Document Analytics
Document Analytics
Documents can be identified, classified, and text can be extracted digitally for AI
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