COVID-19 Awareness Bot
Awareness is key to our victory over COVID-19 and our cutting-edge AI Covid chatbot is here to ensure that people have the right information in near real-time.
As if the fight against the coronavirus pandemic was any easier, a wave of inaccuracy is spreading on coronavirus across social media networks. Be it tons of videos detailing the potential symptoms of the disease, a plethora of diagnostic procedures, conspiracy theories of the most bizarre nature, unverified home remedies to tackle the virus, or a plague of fake advisories, misinformative messages are on the rise, fueling uncertainty and feeding on the prevalent panic. Bereft of information, people are scared for their lives and looking for answers.
In times of global crisis such as the COVID 19 Pandemic, it is imperative that we rely only on factually correct and verified information. Access to credible sources of information is critical to battling Coronavirus. In the wake of the current situation, governments around the world need to address public queries around the pandemic and offer verified information and official advisories to the public, in order to stem the storm of misinformation raging around the virus.
AI-based multilingual COVID 19  awareness bot
AI-based multilingual COVID 19 awareness bot
To facilitate this process of efficient and timely information dissemination, Blackstone eIT has developed an AI-based multilingual COVID 19 bot on Whatsapp and Telegram channels to answer questions about COVID-19 through a natural conversation experience. The COVID 19 awareness bot uses trustful sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide accurate and updated information, including information about the coronavirus, its symptoms, and how it is transmitted, health & travel advisories, preventive measures that can be taken as a safeguard against the virus, and official government helplines for further information/assistance.

Not to mention, the COVID 19 awareness bot allows you to find labs near you and even do a quick test to assess your risk of Coronavirus. The COVID chatbot integrates with government systems and knowledgebases to provide citizens with live updates regarding the prevailing situation of virus in the country and the latest developments on lockdown restrictions, quarantine, and government notices. Currently, the COVID chatbot supports English, Arabic, Spanish with language auto-switching functionality and can be extended to further languages. Covid 19 response automation is aimed at curbing circulation of false information that can cause mass hysteria, in addition to educating the population about the present scenario and promoting awareness.
COVID 19 Response Automation
RPA Bots to address COVID 19 stem the flow of misinformation regarding the spread and symptoms of COVID-19 pandemic, that is raging rampant on social media networks. The underlying artificial intelligence development services enable our COVID 19 health bot to only dispense medically proven measures and circulate evidence-backed details to the masses efficiently. With a seamless conversation flow, COVID 19 bot ensures that users have access to comprehensive coronavirus updates and guidelines. The COVID bot answers commonly asked questions such as “What to do if I develop mild symptoms” or “how can I prevent myself from catching the virus?”, includes Quizzes on symptoms to gauge the user’s present condition and if they need testing, and incorporates health advisory as issued by medical professionals. The data gathered is from WHO, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as other credible sources. Users are also offered additional resource links provided by the Covid chatbot to learn more about the coronavirus.
COVID 19 Response Automation
Screening Remote Patients
Screening Remote Patients
It has become challenging for countries to provide healthcare assistance in remote locations. In the absence of medical personnel, the risk assessment chatbot can invigilate the situation. For instance, by asking a range of questions from travel history and symptoms to body temperature and age, the risk assessment chatbot screens the distant patients with ease and accuracy. The COVID 19 auto diagnosis bot is capable of evaluating the prevailing health condition and guiding the user further. If people need to find the nearest labs, the COVID bot will consider your location and provide a list of laboratories in your vicinity for screening tests of COVID-19.
Issuing Expert Advisory
An essential part of the fight against the virus is delivering adequate health advisories to patients across the globe. However, with inexorable fatalities and limited resources, health advisories cannot possibly hope to connect with the ever-growing infected numbers. On the other hand, our COVID 19 auto diagnosis bot is always available whenever someone wants necessary and timely medical diagnosis. The COVID 19 auto diagnosis bot works by matching a patient’s inputs with the correct expert advice and facilitate immediate cand treatment.
Issuing Expert Advisory
Encourages People To Follow WHO Guidlines
Encourages People To Follow WHO Guidlines
The COVID bot helps prevent infection by encouraging users to adopt and follow the good practices, such as the need to keep a distance of at least six feet from others, staying home as much as possible, the need to avoid stigmatizing people affected by the virus, and fortify the practice of frequently washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or with a sanitizer. The COVID 19 health bot also features content which will enable people to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 and protect themselves and their families from it.
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