Facial Attendance Tracking
An accurate, efficient and affordable time and attendance system
Providing a complete robust system for monitoring, automating, enhancing attendance tracking and logging processes without compromising security
A Centralized and Automated  Attendance Tracking System
A Centralized and Automated Attendance Tracking System
The core goals of employee analytics are to drive productivity and corporate compliance. This is the key benefit of automated real-time attendance tracking with enhanced detection and detailed reporting. The real-time detailed reporting allows you to detect deviations in employee behavior to take immediate corrective action before irreparable damage occurs. For example, the behavior of a critical project team can be expressly monitored for attendance, mood, illness, injury, and location so that deviations can be corrected before the project deadline or output quality is jeopardized.
Driving Real-Time Productivity and Compliance Enhancements
Data is an organization’s most valuable resource. While we are already generating tremendous business value from this data – the advent of the Internet of Things, increased connectivity, and improved analytics means this value is only increasing as our data grows at an unprecedented pace. To gain and maintain a competitive advantage, it is critical to unlock the significant opportunities lying in our data for enhanced situational awareness, improved forecasting, and better business decisions.

Our smart analytics solutions turn big data into smart insights so analysts can focus on driving intelligent business decisions rather than searching data. Our easy to use solutions also extend BI to a broader set of business users for greater overall value. Our customizable vertical focused solutions ease deployment and user adoption.

The BlackStone eIT smart analytics experts and platform make the planning and execution process easy providing a rapid ROI.
Driving Real-Time Productivity  and Compliance Enhancements
Tracking Attendance
Tracking Attendance
The BlackStone HR Attendance Tracking System API collects input from your surveillance cameras as well as through mobile applications on your employees’ devices along with time and location to provide input for the facial recognition server. After preprocessing, the facial detection algorithm performs feature extraction to match with employee records in the classification process. The resulting successful match adds a record to the HR database while a blacklisted or unsuccessful match provides an alert for proactive actions.

The collective data including additional emotional, illness, or demographic can be used to create real-time reports to fit the needs of any enterprise. Use corporate surveillance cameras for automated, real-time, companywide attendance tracking.
Facial Recognition Attendance Tracking Advantages

Automate your attendance tracking programs with facial recognition for:
Greater Accuracy
Greater Accuracy
Attendance automation prevents buddy punching and manual errors.
Fast, non-evasive, hygienic, and easy to use.
Greater Insight
Greater Insight
Can track illness, moods, location, and more for greater understanding of attendance or changes in employee performance.
Proactive  Management
Proactive Management
Proactively manage your employee’s happiness level or track employee demographics for compliance assurance.
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