Digital Workplace
A Modern, Virtual, Empowerd Equivalent of the
Physical Workplace
The Digital Workplace enables new, more effective ways of working raises employee engagement and agility and exploits onsymer-oriented styles and technologies
Digital Workplace Advantages

Support virtual  workplace
Support virtual workplace
Allow employees to stay connected in distributed and virtualized work locations.
Unify offline and online  communications
Unify offline and online communications
Keep employees connected through their mobile devices to provide anywhere, anytime access.
Focus on employee  experience
Focus on employee experience
Provide choice, flexibility and personalization
Win the war on talent
Win the war on talent
Offer the progressive and innovative environments that top candidates now expect.
Minimize spending and  enhance productivity
Minimize spending and enhance productivity
Provide employees with the right tools and right information at the right time
Embrace the Digital Workplace  Evolution
Embrace the Digital Workplace Evolution
A digital workplace is key to having an empowered, vibrant workforce. The highly personal environment enables employees to do their jobs more easily and effectively at any time, wherever they are.

Employees are no longer constrained by technology, they become empowered by it. The new environment allows them to perform to their full potential and collaborating more easily than ever before.

A properly implemented digital workplace will help companies lower operating costs as they leverage collaborative spaces and their digital footprint for more effcient use of real estate.
Transform your Employee Experience
To effectively support their staff’s changing work requirements, leading organizations everywhere are implementing an entirely new working paradigm – the digital workplace. The digital workplace is the virtual, modern version of the traditional workplace. It provides secure personalized role-based services, and all the applications, data, and collaboration an employee needs on any device, anytime, anywhere through a consumer-like online experience. A digital workplace uses the latest in mobility services and digital technology to adapt to the way people work to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

A well designed Digital Workplace leverages your existing investment to support a new and better way of doing business. By connecting employees beyond the boundaries of their geographies or departments, the digital workplace empowers your people to direct their efforts organically, build key communities of interest, drive knowledge management, and collaborate in ways that make sense to them and delivers measurable business value. The BlackStone eIT Digital Workplace experts and platform make the planning and execution process easy providing a rapid ROI.
Transform your Employee  Experience
Our Digital Workplace offers

Enterprise Integration
Enterprise Integration
Integrate with existing business systems and translate the data into voice or simple text interfaces
Governance and  Monitoring
Governance and Monitoring
Support with appropriate governance structures and management processes
Security capabilities such as encryption, data privacy, and access control policies.
Collaborative Connect
Collaborative Connect
Enable knowledge sharing across the organization.
Process Automation
Process Automation
We have a full suite of AI automation tools that can streamline workflows.
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