Who we are?
We are a global team passionate about transformative enterprise solutions and intelligent
design who are out to reshape the way people interact with technology. AI, deep learning, and
new data architectures are re-writing what is possible in the world of marketing, sales,
operations, and customer analytics.

Coming from a Microsoft, Google, and Amazon pedigree, the BlackStone eIT executive team
brings that same level of innovation, quality, and vision to Intelligent Business Process
Management (iBPM), Digital Process Automation (DPA), robotics, and AI-based innovation.
Headquartered in Seattle, we have quickly expanded to service our global customers with
regional headquarters in UAE, Jordan, Kosovo, Morocco, and Lebanon.
What we do?
BlackStone eIT supplies innovative solutions to automate and digitally transform human and information intensive processes. We empower breakthrough business results with smarter workflows, augmented business intelligence with AI insights, and through real-time situational awareness which all drive better business outcomes.

Our solutions are designed to dramatically reduce operating costs, increase competitiveness, mitigate risk, boost internal productivity, improve the customer and employee experience, and to make the previously impossible, possible.

Our digital transformation platform can be deployed in the cloud or on premise and includes: business process management, a digital workplace suite, AI solutions, contextual facial and object recognition, IoT tracking and logistics, blockchain, Hololens, situational awareness, chatbot, business analytics, along with other AI solutions. The BlackStone eIT iBPM platform offers instant capabilities, easy customization, and a compelling value ensuring our customers a rapid return on investment.

One of our core solutions is the electronic invoicing, this solution consists of issuing, transmitting, receiving, processing and storing invoices electronically, using specific document formats. The entire document life cycle is digitalized, from issuance to archiving. Blackstone E-invoicing solution can help replace manual tasks with automated business rules and actions to increase efficiency, minimize and error handling.
What we do?
Our partners
Constantly strive to foster and develop strategic alliances with the most influential pioneers and established technology providers in the world. Highlighting our role as integrators and complex application developers, these partnerships enhance our ability to deliver the comprehensive, cutting-edge solutions we promise. Such partnerships keep our developers highly trained on next generation tools and technologies.

Due to the diverse specializations of our partners, we always have the ability to cater to the needs of our customers as we select from a versatile pool of technologies in the design and implementation of our superior-standard solutions. Below is a list of our current partners. 
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